How I Tell It

Part 3 of the Cuba series, "The Cuba Show," Blue Water Sailing, September, 2015.

Part 2 of the Cuba series, "Cubism: It's Complicated," Blue Water Sailing, August, 2015.

Part I of the Cuba series, "Pearl of the Antilles," Blue Water Sailing, July, 2015.

My essay about nearly killing my family, "Fear," in the Los Angeles Review, Winter, 2015.

Fairhaven's own 'Dirty Dan' Harris helps explain what a town founder is, in Columbia Kids history  e-zine.

In May, 2010, Blue Water Sailing, a harrowing, humorous account of a close encounter of the freighter kind.

In Cruising World, read the story of my zany passage across the Pacific with an all-teen crew.

In Stanford, a mid-voyage check-in.