Best News of All! HANALEI Approved for Official Travel to Cuba!!!!! (Updated RESEND)

    I really don't use that many exclamation points ordinarily, but this is a 5-pointer! After months of shuffling my paperwork through governmental agencies, the Department of Commerce issued a license for Hanalei to go to Cuba next year.

Read about it in NEWS.

     Next up, the last attempt to send this newsletter was bounced by more than half the recipient addresses because of new security standards required by gmail and yahoo! I'm not a fan of spam, either. I apologize if you have already seen this newsletter, but I'm giving it another go.

     If you have already seen it, you might still like to check the website. There are a couple dozen new photos, new blog posts and links to my Cuba series.

Once again we sailed up the Rio Dulce in Guatemala and once again it was a spectacular ride.

This is Stephan's shot of a manatee! Isn't  he cool? I love sharing these special cruising experiences.
He reminds me of my hippo shots on the Gambia River. Who knew they were so similar?

After tucking in Hanalei for the hurricane season, 

Stephan and I did a little medical tourism in lovely Antigua. Our total dental bill for cleanings, fluoride treatment, replacement of a porcelain filling and change-out of two old mercury ones was $150 with an excellent English-speaking dentist. That's les than one month's dental premium for us in the States.

I returned to Bellingham in July while Stephan detoured into Chicago. That may be because our tenants asked for another month in the house, so there was no home to come home to. Once again my friends put me up and put up with me -- thanks again, Pam and kj --  while I finished writing the Cuba series, Links and blogs on the site.

We're staying put for awhile, so it's a good time to visit.