Coming to a Website Near You: New GoogleEarth App

       Great news forthcoming this advent season. Jubilee! Software is creating a cutting edge application for GoogleEarth that lets you check out any part of Delos' five-year sailing journey -- well, the geography, anyway.
       My brother, Dan, Jubilee!s founder, is geeking around with clever ways to zoom in on where we nearly wrecked the fishing boat in Bonifacio, pick out the spot where the freighter almost hit us, even pinpoint the evil storm on the way to the Canaries. We have already ruled out driving around in the monster milk truck, to Dan's disappointment. But he promises it will be better than those tacky push pins.
       So, I'm waiting. When it's finished, my work will begin. I'll upload cruising pictures and information that I hope will put you, my loyal readers, right there at sea with us. Except you get to stay dry.
        Pretty nice Christmas present for us all, don't you think?