Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I'm Christine Myers -- writer, sailor, mom. For five years, my husband and I raised our three children aboard sailing vessel DELOS as we cruised the Mediterranean, North Sea, Atlantic Africa, Caribbean and the South Pacific. It was the best parenting decision Stephan and I ever made.

     I wrote a memoir about our five-year, transformative journey, titled Three Kids Before the Mast. You can read some of my stories about our adventures at sea in Blue Water Sailing, Cruising World, Mothering, and Stanford magazines.

     Your interests may coincide with one of my eclectic passions -- writing, travel, cruising, kids, education and books. If you're planning to cruise, ask me questions about our experiences. Like all sailors, I have plenty of opinions and love to give advice.  Meanwhile, I'll try to post useful information.    

About me

        Ever since I discovered the collection of National Geographic magazines in my grandfather's basement, I have been hooked on travel. I spent four years in the Navy, then was educated at Stanford University, where I earned a BA and MA in Communication. I worked for several years consulting on non-formal education in developing countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean basin, always feeding my fascination with the lives and cultures of the world's people.
       In 2000, I ran away to sea with my family of five. We took social studies field trips to the Pyramids, did SCUBA for PE and total immersion in foreign languages. After our journey ended in 2005, I earned an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction from the Northwest Institute of Literary arts. I co-captained our 53-foot ketch, DELOS, for 40,000 sea miles, and in 2006 captained her from New Zealand to Washington with the help of various crew, including a final leg consisting entirely of teenagers.
     These days, most of my writing is about Cuba. Share this fascinating country with me!