Thanksgiving 2011

          What’s a better Thanksgiving tradition than inviting a stranger to share your bounty?

            With plenty of depth and three furloughed college students in tow, we set out on a 10-hour overnight passage from Hilton Head to the Georgia-Florida border.
          Our goal was the annual St. Mary’s, Georgia, cruiser Thanksgiving dinner.

How Cruising Changed Us I: Thankfulness

     In this season of counting blessings, what I am most thankful for this year might seem odd. In the past ten months I have had a full hip replacement, finished my thesis and graduated from my MFA program. Drew graduated from UW; James and Avery are doing well. But what I am most thankful for is Stephan's unemployment.

     I have cruising to thank for this perspective. Not because it permanently addled me, but because it taught me -- in a stark, clear manner -- what I valued in life.