Cuban Provisioning: Huevos Particulares


     The bean vendor sizes me up before sidling over.


     At the agropecuario, fresh-picked, perfect pineapples and papayas are displayed alongside guavas and grated coconut; garlic and onions nestle among other sofrito essentials, cachuca peppers and culantro; pumpkins and dried beans are piled with malanga and boniato.

Education at Sea

      Answering another question from Willy in Ibiza today:

Be Careful What You Spare

       As you outfit a cruising boat, your natural state of mind is to attempt to anticipate any possible happiness or disaster that may befall you and prepare accordingly. 

Laura Dekker Jumps the Pond

     When fifteen year-old Laura Dekker left home after a fight, it wasn't about curfew or clothes or homework. She had been struggling for more than a year with Dutch authorities over her right to sail around the world alone, a battle that ignited international commentary and outcry.

How Cruising Changed Us II: World Citizens

      One of the most important lessons of our journey was learning that we are, as Socrates put it, “citizen(s) of the world.”

How Cruising Changed Us I: Thankfulness

     In this season of counting blessings, what I am most thankful for this year might seem odd. In the past ten months I have had a full hip replacement, finished my thesis and graduated from my MFA program. Drew graduated from UW; James and Avery are doing well. But what I am most thankful for is Stephan's unemployment.

     I have cruising to thank for this perspective. Not because it permanently addled me, but because it taught me -- in a stark, clear manner -- what I valued in life.