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Be Careful What You Spare

       As you outfit a cruising boat, your natural state of mind is to attempt to anticipate any possible happiness or disaster that may befall you and prepare accordingly. 

Laura Dekker Jumps the Pond

     When fifteen year-old Laura Dekker left home after a fight, it wasn't about curfew or clothes or homework. She had been struggling for more than a year with Dutch authorities over her right to sail around the world alone, a battle that ignited international commentary and outcry.

Team Abby

Recap of Jessica's Voyage

      Just days away from her 17th birthday, Jessica Watson is about to arrive at Sydney Harbor, where tens of thousands are expected to welcome her.

Abby Sunderland On Board - cruising reality

    Sixteen-year-old Abby Sunderland was probably relieved to finally get started on her non-stop solo circumnavigation. After all, she had been thinking about and preparing for the voyage since she was thirteen. Lately, she had endured public criticism of her dream and her parents' decision to support it. She left that on the dock when she departed Marina del Rey (California) Saturday, January 23.

How Cruising Changed Us II: World Citizens

      One of the most important lessons of our journey was learning that we are, as Socrates put it, “citizen(s) of the world.”

Jessica Rounds Cape Horn, Visits With Parents

      A sixteen-year-old Australian solo circumnavigator rounded Cape Horn this morning, surfing down high seas before 35-knot gusts and waving to the folks back home cheering her on.


                         Cape Horn by Jessica Watson


 New Year's Eve:
     Avery's final college application turned in. check.
     Writing group reading done. check.

The Teen Sailor Debate

    Before Jessica Watson set off on her round-the-world sail, she and her family faced growing criticism and calls for the state to prevent her departure. Now the American public is engaging in a similar debate around the upcoming departure of Abby Sunderland on a similar expedition out of Southern California. 

How to Make Christine Happy, One Book At A TIme

    The morning did not look promising. I spent another sleepless night at, perhaps ironically, a sleep study clinic. I was allegedly asleep long enough for my brain waves to convey that information to the technicians who were graphing the bigger-fish-eating-smaller-ones waves of the REM, leg-kicking and forgetting to breathe that is my nightly repose. You might think that after a night like that I would be happy to see daylight, but I was suspended in a groggy apres sleep-clinic funk.