Baby's First Grounding

     "Three meters," I call up from the nav station.

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        Two hundred miles in 27 hours. If only any of them had been pleasant.

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How Do You Know When It's Time To Go?

          Tornado watch. Severe thunderstorms. Hail. Fog. 25 knots of wind on the nose.

No Fear in Cape Fear

          Tuesday, November 15.

Education at Sea

      Answering another question from Willy in Ibiza today:

Cruising Teens and Social Life

      Willy, who is planning a family cruise with two daughters, wrote from Ibiza with lots of thoughtful questions. Here's one:

Be Careful What You Spare

       As you outfit a cruising boat, your natural state of mind is to attempt to anticipate any possible happiness or disaster that may befall you and prepare accordingly.