The Teen Sailor Debate

    Before Jessica Watson set off on her round-the-world sail, she and her family faced growing criticism and calls for the state to prevent her departure. Now the American public is engaging in a similar debate around the upcoming departure of Abby Sunderland on a similar expedition out of Southern California. 

How to Make Christine Happy, One Book At A TIme

    The morning did not look promising. I spent another sleepless night at, perhaps ironically, a sleep study clinic. I was allegedly asleep long enough for my brain waves to convey that information to the technicians who were graphing the bigger-fish-eating-smaller-ones waves of the REM, leg-kicking and forgetting to breathe that is my nightly repose. You might think that after a night like that I would be happy to see daylight, but I was suspended in a groggy apres sleep-clinic funk.  

On Barbie Dolls and Adventuring

      In the Los Angeles Times, blogger Pete Thomas reported Abby Sunderland's imminent departure on her nonstop solo circumnavigation.

"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."

     So goes the landlubber's platitude, but it's not quite true.